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I love it! Even more beautiful in person. Size is perfect...shipping to the US was fast. Thank you! Can’t wait to purchase another piece.

Margaret (USA)

Beautifully crafted, thoughtfully packaged and shipped quickly. I love it!

Laura (USA)

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Meet the Maker

Meet the maker.

I studied Fine art in College but when it came to make a living I sold what I considered 'girly' antiques in Dublin.  From jewellery to hand-fans, writing emphemera, and lace, antique bags to dressing table sets.  After my three children were born I turned my attention to Jewellery making.  What started out as a hobby quickly spiralled into an abiding passion.  I now combine my Art background with my love of antiques and the past, and the satisfying craft of manipulating  metals to create meaningful jewellery for others to cherish and love.